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Getting Connected

SW employee looking out of van window 

...connecting your property to the water supply

...and keeping you informed

Information relating to our services and improvements we are making can be found in this section.

The Customer Guide

To learn more about connecting to the water and waste water network, please reference our new Customer Guide (pdf).

We have produced a guide to ensure that customers have an accurate and clear guide to our services, and all content is approved by the Water Industry Commission.

This is an update to our previous document ‘Guide For Obtaining New Water & Waste Water Services’.

Please be aware that this document is not available in print at this time, since several of the processes within the document are currently under review. These processes are linked to recent changes in the Water Industry in Scotland since 1 April 2008, when the market opened up to competition. Once all processes have been approved and updated, all new content will be inserted and the guide will be available in print.

What we can do for you

We do our best to provide you with a high level of service.  We also provide details of your responsibilities within the process of obtaining new water and waste water services for your development.

Find out the following information:-

  • Scottish Water’s responsibility for new site infrastructure and connections;
  • The process by which you can obtain provision of site infrastructure and new water and waste water connections,
  • The costs, charges and financial contributions that may be applicable for the provision of site infrastructure and new water and waste water connections.

Our technical documents, Sewers for Scotland 2nd Edition and Water for Scotland 2nd Edition, were published on 1st November 2007.

Following a review of our policy, application and implementation documentation, the Guide for Obtaining New Water and Waste Water Services in now in accordance with  Sewers for Scotland and Water for Scotland 2nd Editions

Access all of the connections applications documents discussed on this page here

In addition we will create a new suite of Q & A booklets to ensure customers have clear guidance material available for all processes within Customer Connections.

If you require a non-domestic connection please visit the Water Industry Commission website (WIC) for a list of Licensed Providers who can provide services from 1 April 2008.

We want to connect with you

It is important to us that you are able to contact us easily at any time, about any aspect of water and waste water services to your proposed development.


For all enquiries in relation to the connection process please e-mail:

Once you have submitted your enquiry, we will respond within 24 hrs.



If you would like to discuss your proposed development in more detail or require further assistance then please call our Central Support Team on 0141 414 7660 or our customer helpline on 0845 601 8855.

Write to us


If you prefer you can also write to us at

The Bridge
Buchanan Gate Business Park
Cumbernauld Road
G33 6FB

If you are already in contact with a member of our team then please remember to quote any relevant reference number when submitting material to us.