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Selection Process

Our selection process is designed to look at your skills; the ways that you think and how you behave in different situations.

Our process is challenging as our goal is to make absolutely sure that the decisions made are right for you and the team and Scottish Water. We're sure you agree that you want the decision to be the right one, on both sides.

Good luck and we hope to meet you soon.

Throughout the process we'll reimburse reasonable travelling costs.

Stage 1: On-line Application Form & CV

This stage allows us to match you against minimum criteria such as degree and the right to work in the UK

The application form enables us to gain more information about your skills and experience and an understanding of you as an individual and what you would bring to the organisation through a number of key questions that you will asked to respond to.

Top tip: make sure you check through for typos, grammar and spelling before submitting

Stage 2: Online Ability Tests & Video Interview

If you are successful in passing Stage 1 of our recruitment process you will be invited to complete online ability tests and a video interview.

The ability tests enable us to assess whether you meet our required standard of ability in specific areas which are linked to the role.

The video interview enables us assess your skills through competency questions. Remember this is your opportunity to really sell yourself through the examples you choose so give details of the situation, the task, how you approached it and the result. If you learnt something in particular, tell us.

Final Stage: Assessment Centre

During this stage you will be assessed by trained assessors from Scottish Water to ensure a fair approach. Typically the Assessment Centre will consist of the following exercises;

Group Exercise: We want to find out how you work in a team environment and this is our opportunity to observe you in action.

Written Exercise & Presentation: You’ll be tasked with understanding and making some key decisions with the information provided. Once you’ve finished we’ll ask you to present your results to a panel of assessors.

Performance Based Interview: The interview is for us to find out more about you and your aspirations, but it is also a chance for you to find out about us. Preparation for the interview is essential, so spend some time considering your experiences and achievements and what qualities these may have given you that you could use in your job. You may be the greatest candidate in the world, but if you cannot communicate that to us, or explain why you are interested in working with us, you'll not progress through to the next stage.

There will also be the opportunity to meet some of our existing graduates and speak to them about their experiences of Scottish Water and the Graduate Programme.