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Keep the water cycle running smoothly

Keep the water cycle running smoothly

Keep the water cycle running smoothly 

Save your drains and help the cycle

At Scottish Water we are always working so the cycle never stops.

We maintain and improve over 30,000 miles of sewer pipes which take waste water away from homes and business premises across Scotland. We then treat this at over 1,800 waste water treatment works before returning it to the environment.

Did you know?

Every year there are over 40,000 blocked drains and sewers across Scotland, which can cause flooding which affects you and your neighbours and pollutes rivers and burns in your local area.

Around 80% of these blockages that clog up the cycle are caused by either inappropriate items being put down the toilet, or fat, oil and grease being put down the sink.

We believe the best way to tackle blocked drains and sewer flooding is to work together with you to help prevent blockages that can clog up the cycle in the first place. 

How you can help the cycle

With your help we can keep the water cycle running smoothly in your area - view our In the bathroom and In the kitchen pages for some simple tips that will help save your drains and protect your home, your neighbours and the local environment.