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Reports of a bogus caller incident in Dundee

12 January 2018

Scottish Water is reminding customers to be vigilant and to follow the 3 ‘C’s safety advice, following some residents in Dundee reporting workmen claiming to be from Scottish Water coming to their door.

The reports come from the Loons Road area of Dundee on Thursday 11 January, where alliance partner Caledonia Water Alliance (CWA) are currently carrying out work on an ongoing £5m mains upgrade.
Scottish Water and CWA have confirmed that the residents’ description of the workmen and the vehicle they were driving means they were not from Scottish Water or CWA and the matter is being treated as a bogus caller incident. 
A spokesman for Scottish Water said:

“If you’re in any doubt at all about anyone at your door and the reason they’re there, don’t even open your door. 

“Don’t allow the caller access until you’re content that they’re genuine; anyone who’s genuine won’t be offended if you ask them for ID.
“All Scottish Water employees – and anyone working for us - are highly visible and always carry photo ID when out and about. Follow our essential advice – if we knock on your door, check our photo ID and follow our Three C’s rule:  Card  –  Check  –  Call .”  

Scottish Water is reminding all customers that they should follow our 'Three C's' rule -  CARD , CHECK and CALL  - if they are visited by a bogus caller.
Card – Anyone calling on behalf of Scottish Water, whether it is a Scottish Water employee or a contractor working on our behalf in your area, will always carry a photo ID card or letter. You should always ask callers to pass their ID card or letter through the letterbox so that you can check their identity.
Check –  Check the ID card carefully: Is the photo on the ID card the same as the person at the door? Has the card been tampered with in any way?  If you are not confident that they are a genuine caller, then send them away!
Call – If you are in any doubt about the caller’s identity, before you open the door please call our Customer Helpline on  0800 0778778  and we can help you confirm the caller is genuine.  We advise customers to contact utility companies by using phone numbers found in telephone directories or the internet, but not from ID cards or letters, because these could be false.
Further information is available on our website: