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Sustainability and Climate Change

What we're doing about climate change by reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Land Management

Scottish Water takes water from the environment and treats it to provide wholesome supplies of drinking water for the of people in Scotland. The vast majority of the water is unpolluted and, with treatment, it is suitable for public supply.

European Funded Research Projects


Phos4You Poster

Phosphorus is essential for all living organisms: animals, plants and human beings.

In parallel, the resources of phosphate rock on earth are finite and the European Union is dependent to almost 90% on mineral phosphorus imports. The long term objective of Phos4You is to guarantee feed and food security in Europe by reducing EU’s dependence from imported phosphate rock. 

Phos4You specifically targets Phosphorus recovery from municipal waste water treatment plants. Phos4You will firstly demonstrate that the Phosphorus recovery from waste water is feasible. Secondly the fertilizer value chain will be ready to make use of recycled phosphorus. The third sub objective is closing the gap between Phosphorus recovery and Phosphorus recycling. It includes the upscaling of technologies, the development of a decision support as well as impact on legislation.

The project partnership consists of 12 partners from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Scotland and Switzerland. The international partnership has complementary expertise in the field of Phosphorus recovery. Partners are waste water treatment plant operators, mono-incinerators, enterprises providing recovery processes, universities, research institutions and knowledge clusters.



Water Ways

Water Ways: our water exhibit at Glasgow Science Centre