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Video Library

Our videos are created in house and show what we do.  Watch our guides for how to fix your burst and frozen pipes, how to find your stop valve and how to insulate your pipes to stop them freezing and bursting in the cold weather.

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What might the future bring?

In considering the key priorities for water and waste water services in Scotland, we need to understand the future opportunities and challenges we may face in the next 25 years.
high quality water

Providing continuous high quality drinking water

Scottish Water customers are receiving the highest ever level of drinking water quality thanks to significant investment. But we need to do more to meet our statutory obligations. That’s why we want to improve water quality even further while ensuring every customer can always receive a safe and reliable supply of drinking water.

Protecting and enhancing the environment

Scottish Water’s environmental performance has been transformed over the last decade. But there is further work we must do to protect and enhance the environment, meet legislative requirements and achieve further reductions in flooding and pollution from sewers.

Supporting Scotland's economy and communities

Since 2002 Scottish Water has transformed Scotland’s water infrastructure, investing in the economy to support jobs and growth while reducing charges to customers. We plan to build on this while meeting new demand for our services and delivering a positive customer experience

Investing in future water services

Household water charges in Scotland are the lowest in Great Britain. Our plan is based on maintaining stable charges (charges that increase in line with inflation only) to allow investment to further improve services.
Video Still

10 year achievements

Members of Scottish Water's executive leadership team talk about achievements in 2011-12 and over the last 10 years.
Glasgow water mains upgrade

Glasgow city centre water mains upgrade video

A journey through the improvements we are making to Glasgow City Centre water mains
Boy brushing his teeth

Save Water in the Bathroom

Helpful tips on how to save water in the bathroom
Man watering garden

Save Water in the Garden

Advice on how to use water wisely when outside in the garden
Woman washing dishes

Save Water in the Kitchen

How to save water when you're cooking in the kitchen or making a quick cup of tea