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Recovering Heat from Waste Water

Heat from waste water 

We are opening up Scottish Water’s networks to extract renewable heat from waste water.

Scottish Water has a vast infrastructure including 32,000 miles of sewers which carry waste water from homes and businesses to around 1,800 treatment works across Scotland.

We are harnessing these networks to support innovation, growth and the development of a sustainable low carbon economy.

Innovative heat recovery technology

Working with our external partner SHARC Energy Systems, we are deploying innovative heat recovery technology in waste water networks to capture heat for use as a renewable energy source.

Already employed in Canada, the technology involves the use of a heat exchanger to extract energy from waste water and transfer it as heat to the clean water network.  This provides heating, cooling and hot water for export to nearby homes and buildings. 
As the technology uses a closed-loop system, waste water never comes into contact with the clean water flow.
With versatile application, the technology can be installed within a wide range of buildings, either as a retro-fit or as part of a new-build, and is particularly suited for locations with a large number of people within a relatively small area. 
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A first in the UK

Already we have helped to install the UK’s first waste water heat recovery scheme at Scottish Borders college campus in Galashiels.
Up 95% of the college’s heating needs can be now be met through use of the technology, producing savings in energy, costs and carbon emissions.
“Borders College is delighted to be the client in this project which places us at the forefront of renewable energy use in the UK.   

This solution goes a long way to meeting our own carbon-reduction targets, while offering long-term price certainty and offering a good degree of local control.”

Pete Smith, Vice Principal - Finance and Resources at Borders College

Providing a sustainable heating alternative

By recovering heat that would otherwise have been discharged to the environment, we are helping to provide customers with an innovative and sustainable lower cost heating solution with a reduced carbon impact.
With tens of thousands of miles of waste water pipes throughout Scotland, we are actively exploring the potential for this new approach to be replicated at other locations.

Not only does this help contribute to a sustainable circular economy, it also helps to alleviate fuel poverty, meet Scottish Government’s target of 11% of heating from renewable sources by 2020, and tackle the threat posed by climate change. 
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