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Recycled Aggregates

Recycling aggregates into sustainable alternatives

We are transforming excavated spoil from road and footpath reinstatements into valuable new aggregate products, helping divert waste from landfill and bring cost savings to our customers.

An innovative solution

Currently, around 20% of the demand for aggregate in the Scottish construction industry is met with recycled aggregate.  
We are the only facility in Scotland to produce recycled aggregate SMR (structural material for reinstatement) to WRAP protocol standards; improving performance, reducing costs and protecting the environment.

By screening spoil and then combining it with a unique cementitious binder, our recycled aggregates have improved compressive strength compared to traditionally quarried Type One material, virtually eliminating defects from movement and frost heave.

As we independently test our products on a regular basis, we ensure that they perform to a consistently high standard.  

Our recycled aggregates products can be used for various applications such as road and footpath reinstatements, new roads, landscaping and to lock in contaminated material.

A reduced carbon footprint

The arisings that comes to our facility are recycled, diverting waste from landfill and reducing the need for virgin materials.

Our ‘one-stop-shop’ near Cumbernauld also means that customers can dispose of spoil and collect up to nine different recycled aggregate products at the same site, reducing transport miles and carbon emissions.

The benefits

There are multiple benefits to choosing recycled aggregate over traditional methods;

Improved performance – reinstatements completed with our approved SMR are unsusceptible to frost heave
Reduced cost – usingour SMR means less need for materials such as tarmac, which is both expensive and carbon heavy

Faster reinstatement – our SMR requires virtually no curing time, meaning reinstatements can be completed straight away, reducing disruption in the local area.

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Get in touch

If you are interested in recycled aggregates contact Kevin Irvine on 07484 052638 or email Kevin Irvine

Where to find us:

Scottish Water Horizons 
Deerdykes Development Centre
1 Old Quarry Road
Westfield Industrial Estate
G68 9NB

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