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What we do

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Transforming efficiency and service

Scottish Water International is unique in offering consultants who are working in frontline operational roles: in the public sector; with independent regulation, benchmarked against the private sector; and with a track record of recent transformation.

Our principal service is, therefore, to share our expertise in transforming utilities to deliver improved services at the lowest possible cost.

Transformation of service and efficiency has been the focus of Scottish Water since its formation in 2002. We can share more than a decade’s valuable and positive expertise in staff engagement, communication and building a clear vision all can aspire to. Our knowledge of communications and change management can help international clients embark on, and succeed with, their own journey of transformation.

Operations advice and support, including training and strategic advice
We support in all areas of water and waste water operations and maintenance. Our success in raising service standards, and providing consistent services across varied communities and geography, can help international clients deliver consistently high standards for all customers. We can advise on how best to put customers at the heart of service delivery and offer specialist expertise such as laboratory services.

Asset management and capital investment governance

Glencorse AerialScottish Water International can help clients develop strategies to ensure their assets are planned and procured efficiently with regard to the whole life cycle of groups of assets. Our multi-year investment programmes typically include thousands of projects - ranging from the construction of major new treatment works to the renewal of water mains and sewers.

We can provide insight into defining outputs from capital projects and maximising the effectiveness of procurement processes and the supply chain.  Scottish Water was the first water utility to be registered to ISO 55001 for asset management, demonstrating its consistent application of world-class standards to providing customers with the best service at the lowest possible cost

Regulatory and financial restructuring for the public utilities
Scottish Water is a publicly-owned utility which is subject to independent regulation and benchmarking against privatised utilities. It has developed constructive relationships with three regulators - drinking water quality, environment and charges. We can advise on how to develop mature regulatory frameworks and close working with stakeholders to deliver improved services at the lowest cost for the benefit of customers. We can also share our insights into how best to involve the private sector to add value to the delivery of projects.

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