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Training and Experiential Placements

Scottish Water offers a variety of training and experiential placements to enable you to learn from our vast experience and gain insight into all aspects of the Scottish water industry.

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Scottish Water International facilitated an internship programme with Scottish Water and the Water Industry Commission for Scotland for the Regulation & Supervision Bureau, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The intern gained valuable insight into various aspects of the Scottish water industry and learned how the Scottish Regulator manages an effective regulatory framework.

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Scottish Water International facilitated a study tour to Scotland for Kyrgyz Republic policy makers from the government and utility. The delegation gained valuable knowledge from all the key players in Scotland’s water industry and visited Scottish Water sites, including the Glencorse Water Treatment Works near Edinburgh, which delivers drinking water to about 450,000 people across the city.

We also provide training and qualifications for staff, through links with world-class Scottish colleges and universities offering international accreditation.

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