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Customer Engagement

Being trusted to care for the water on which Scotland depends is our vision. Knowing what our customers want and need is an essential part of reaching our goal. That's why we're engaging with customers as never before.

Our research and engagement activities are part of an ongoing programme that will help inform the future service we provide, both in relation to our business plan for 2015-20 and future projections to 2040.

The immediate programme of activity is about understanding our household customers and business consumers priorities for what improvements we need to make to our network and assets. Customers will be selected at random to take part and share their views.

To make the best use of what you tell us we’ve commissioned Accent, an external research company with twenty years experience in water industry research, to work with us.

We’re already industry leading in understanding your wants and needs. Now we’re going even deeper. After all, it’s you we serve and you we want to improve our service for.

Our newsletter, ‘Involve Scotland’ gives you more detail about what’s been happening in our Customer Engagement Programme. Published four times a year it’s written with the type of things you might want to know in mind.

To keep up-to-date with what’s going on, sign up for our quarterly newsletter, ‘Involve Scotland’, just e-mail and we'll send you a copy in the post.

As well as our newsletter we’ll also publish reports on what you tell us when they’re ready to share with you.

Latest News

There’s been a lot of activity so far in our Customer Engagement Programme. Household customers have been sharing their views in discussion groups and panel activities. Business consumers and Licensed Providers have also taken part in depth interviews.

Most of the research that has taken place so far will be used to shape our main Stated Preference Survey. The results from this survey will tell us what type of issues our household customers and business consumers believe are a priority, the level of improvement they would like to see and the value they would place on these improvements. The findings will be used to help shape our business plans for 2015-2020. It’s therefore important we work with our customers beforehand to make sure the information we give them during the survey is enough for them to make an informed choice.

We’ve also conducted online customer panel activities with household customers around what water means to them and their priorities in relation to customer service. In the future this group will be used to tackle more complex issues like flooding resilience and Scottish Water’s impact on water courses.

Of course everyone’s input is important, so, if you have an idea or feedback for how you think we could improve our service in the future please let us know by completing our short feedback form.

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Listening to our customers Summary 2014 15

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Published October 2015
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Listening to our customers Phase 2

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Published April 2013

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Listening to our customers Summary Report

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Customer Engagement Programme and Insights Summary Report, April 2013


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Listening to our customers

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Customer Engagement Programme and Insights Report, November 2012