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Scottish Water investing in Ardersier


For around 40 years, Scottish Water has operated a waste water treatment works at a site outside Ardersier. This essential facility is used to treat waste water collected from the village, as well as from homes and the businesses in the wider area - including Inverness Airport and a number of small settlements including Tornagrain and Fort George. Once the waste water has been treated at thworks, it is safely returned to the environment via an outfall pipe to the Moray Firth.

Scottish Water is delivering improvements to our essential waste water infrastructure in the area. The purpose of these works is to meet the needs of housing and economic growth in the area – including Tornagrain, Inverness Airport and Castle Stuart - while protecting and enhance the environment of the Moray Firth. 

We are doing this through:

  • An expansion of the existing waste water treatment works within Scottish Water’s land to enable the facility to process an increased volume of waste water as a result of these growth projects.

  • Installing a new underground pipeline to transfer waste water from these developments to Ardersier Waste Water Treatment Works.

  • Installing ultra violet treatment equipment within the existing site - this will improve the disinfection of the waste water which comes into the facility. While the Ardersier waste water treatment works has served the area well for many years, we are required by our environmental regulator, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), to improve the quality of the treated water which is safely returned to the environment. The main reason for doing this is to protect the bottlenose dolphins and help improve the quality of the water in the Moray Firth.

  • Extending the existing outfall pipe, near Fort George, by 300 metres - this will take the discharge of treated waste water further out to sea and into deeper water.

The below map shows the route of existing and new pipes in the area:

Ardersier pipe route map

Pipeline Project Update - 11th of January

Work will be taking place over the coming weeks to complete the remaining short sections of pipeline along the coastal path. The map below indicates the approximate area where pipeline installation is taking place this week; and the final area where it is expected to take place next week.

Sign-posted diversions will be in place for users of the coastal path while work is taking place.  Access to the slipway will be restricted in the interests of safety, but it can be opened upon request when appropriate. 


Scottish Water would like to apologise for the length of time that the coastal path has been disrupted by this work.  Our contractor is working hard to complete the remaining work as quickly as possible and will then carry out reinstatement of the affected areas.

C1005 road closure arrangements

Following engagement about the operation of the Traffic Management Plan which is in place for the Waste Water Treatment Works site, it has been agreed with Highland Council that the road closure on the C1005 will remain in place during periods Scottish Water is using the route for construction traffic, but that the road will be open outside these times.  Normally, when the road is open, the road closure signs and barriers will be placed to the side of the road; however, for longer periods when the road is not expected to be in use for HGV construction traffic, the signage may be removed. 

When the road closure is not operating, the 30mph speed limit and signage remains in force for all traffic using the route.  Should Scottish Water's contractor need to bring in a vehicle via the C1005 at any time, the barriers and road closure would be put in place to allow this to happen.

During October and November, we anticipate that a small number of HGV deliveries will be required. These deliveries will be made using the C1005 via the arrangements outlined above.

Engagement with customers

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to meet many of our customers in Ardersier at information events and meetings in recent months. The feedback given to us has been invaluable in helping to prepare for the work to be carried out and understand ways in which we can minimise the impact on our customers.

If you would like to view the planning permissions and other related documents please see the links below for the Highland Council Portal:

Please enter the reference "10/02007/FUL" into the following link for the expansion of the waste water treatment works.

Please enter the reference "16/02464/FUL" into the following link for the installation of ultra violet treatment at the treatment works.  

Ardersier Community Liaison Group

The aim of the Community Liaison Group is to minimise any negative impact and maximise the positive impact on the local community.    The group will provide feedback and guidance on Scottish Water’s programme of engagement and communication with the local community, elected representatives and other stakeholders throughout the construction element of the approved projects.  This will facilitate feedback and enable informed debate that will help Scottish Water identify areas of concern, explore solutions, aid communication and progress the projects.


Group membership

Chair: Kevin Reid

Councillor Roderick Balfour, Councillor Trish Robertson, Councillor Glynis Sinclair, Councillor Kate Stephen, The Highland Council Ward 18 Manager Robbie Bain. 

Ardersier and Petty Community Council Secretary Shane Spence
The Ardersier Foundation Chair Abigail Reardon
Scottish Water Paul Morley Customer Delivery Team Manager, Judy Wakker: Community Relations Manager, Trish Wilson: Communication Adviser
Scottish Water Horizons Ltd Brian James: Project Manager

The Community Liaison Group welcomes questions and feedback from our customers.  It can be sent to
 or to any of the members of the group.  

The agenda and action notes from each meeting are posted on this page.