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Toward Sewer Improvements

Work to upgrade the sewer network in Toward his now complete. Seeding has taken place and we will monitor the grass growth to ensure it takes properly.

Completed Site

Key Project information:

  • Work started on the 6th March 2017 and took 6 weeks to complete

The project involved the installation of an underground tank in private land on the shore. We have designed the tank to minimise its visual impact on the community once it is complete. The whole tank is to be located underground and the only visible parts will be infrastructure for access points once it is complete. This will comprise of four access covers and a small access path. Local stone and backfill will be used to cover the other areas to ensure it is returned to the original look including planting. Any plant deemed to be invasive (i.e.Japanese rosebush) will not be replanted.

Septic Tank Installed
Septic Tanks installed