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Mauricewood Road Roundabout

We are currently carrying out the work to divert the raw water mains pipe at Mauricewood Road in Penicuik. These essential water mains are used to supply Glencorse Water Treatment Works, which provides drinking water for most of Edinburgh and parts of Midlothian.

The purpose of this work, which is being done on behalf of the housing developer Taylor Wimpey, is to make way for the construction of a new roundabout at the junction of Mauricewood Road and the A702.

Work is continuing on the diversion of the raw water mains pipe at Mauricewood Road in Penicuik. Due to the engineering challenges we have faced and the complicated nature of this work it is proving to be taking longer than expected. Currently one pipeline is fully complete and installed and another two are ready and waiting to be installed in a deep trench.

Road Closure

The road closure at the junction of Bellwood Road and Biggar Road was lifted on Friday 14th July, 2 weeks earlier than expected.

Our delivery partners Farrans are working days from 5 to 6 and sometimes 7 days a week in order to minimise the overall duration.

The target date for completion is Autumn 2017.