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Water butts

As we get plenty of rain in Scotland, the roof of your home can collect tens of thousands of litres of rainwater every year. Your plants actually prefer rainwater to tap water and by installing a water butt in your garden you will be doing your bit to save water and save the environment, plus it will give you a ready supply for watering your plants.

If you live in Scotland you can order a discounted water butt for your home through* (opens in new window) or by calling 0844 472 1884.

Please allow 28 days for delivery.

Fitting instructions for installing a water butt can be found on the website.

These instructions are typically for fitting to plastic down pipes. It may be more difficult to fit a rain diverter kit to a cast iron down pipe, as although the instructions are the same, you will need a different type of hacksaw too cut into cast iron pipes. You can get further advice on the most suitable tools for the job from your local DIY store.

* is owned by our water butt partner, Straight Plc.