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Nick Benton Graduate Video

Video Transcript

I did an Undergraduate degree in Geography and from there I moved on to a Masters degree in Global Water Sustainability which was jointly run by Glasgow University and Strathclyde Civil Engineering Departments and so I built a lot of water background knowledge there.

I’ve worked for Scottish Water coming up for six months so I’m basically in my first of five placements. This first placement’s been in the Customer Experience Team which is part of CSD (Customer Service Delivery).

A typical day for me would probably be a bit of internal and external meetings and conference calls, catching up with people and seeing what they’ve been up to, how projects are progressing and then probably move on to some research, so looking at how English and Welsh companies are developing their performance and seeing how this feeds back to Scottish Water and how we keeps ours innovative and leading.

I think the biggest thing from my own experience is being open minded. I know when I first got my first placement in Customer Experience coming from maybe a more technical background I was kind of a bit apprehensive but it’s actually good to go in and learn about all the different areas because that helps you as you’re developing to be a project manager or a technical team leader then you need to have the relevant background from all the areas so while maybe at first you’re reluctant to go into the customer roles, they’re actually important and quite enjoyable and help you become a better technical leader or project manager in the future.

Nick Benton talks about his experiences on the Scottish Water Graduate Scheme