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Richard Grierson Graduate Video

Video Transcript

I completed my Masters Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Strathclyde. The Scottish Water Graduate programme attracted me in the first place just because of the training that’s available there. You get an overall view of the business and I could really see myself working in a reputable company like that in Scotland.

I would say no two days at Scottish Water are the same. What I’ve been working on in my first placement is a number of projects so there’s always something happening each day whether it’s a meeting, conference call, speaking to people about different things, so nothing’s ever the same but in terms of responsibility I’ve had a large responsibility in the projects I’ve been involved with – my placement manager has really involved me in some high profile projects and I’ve had a big responsibility to get results from them which has been good in my personal development.

I’ve been involved just in one volunteering day so far but at Scottish Water they offer that volunteering opportunity. I’m also taking part in a WaterAid 200 mountain challenge this year, so we’re climbing Ben Lomond in aid of WaterAid so there is the opportunity to do stuff without Scottish Water and the place is so social, everyone’s so friendly so there’s always something happening in the office and something to do.

With Scottish Water, they’ve given me an oversight of the whole business and right now I’m not entirely sure where I want to end up but with the graduate programme, that’s what’s good about it, it gives you the opportunity to see where you’d like to see yourself in five years or ten years down the road. So that’s what’s great about it they give you the opportunity to see all parts of the business and get a lot of training.

Richard Grierson talks about his experiences on the Scottish Water Graduate Scheme