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Sarah Prescott Graduate Video

Video Transcript

I did Physical Geography at Lancaster so although I thought it would be kind of relevant to my degree, I love the fact that Scottish Water, in their graduate programme, you get five different placements all over the company so you get an exposure to different business environments and having done Geography I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I was older and this gives me experience in lots of different departments in lots of different roles and so after my graduate scheme I can take from that and hopefully have a preferred area I’d want to work in.

Scottish Water, as part of their graduate scheme they offer a lot of development opportunities so you can do lots of different training, you can do DILO’s (which is days in the life of other people) in different areas of the business and also, another thing I didn’t expect, not only have I got involved with my role as a graduate in the Digital Platform but I’m a graduate WaterAid rep as well so I’ve got involved with fundraising, I’m getting to go to a conference in London for that and all of that I didn’t expect would be available for me but it really is.

When I first came here I had no idea what I’d be doing and when I though ‘wastewater’ I thought I’d be going out on site and learning how they do sludge processing, all that stuff and then to be involved in such a massive project and I’ve actually learned a lot about IT and I got trained how to do intelligent scripting and that’s something I always thought ‘oh IT, that’s boring’ but I’ve really, really enjoyed just because it’s been such a good learning curve for me.

Sarah Prescott talks about her experiences on the Scottish Water Graduate Scheme