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Sean Anderson Graduate Video

Video Transcript

If you’re wanting something a little bit different that gives you a broader sense of a company and gives you a lot more opportunities then it’s definitely the scheme to go for otherwise you might be stuck in a scheme where it’s the same thing day in day out. At least here you’re never going to get bored – there’s plenty to do, plenty things to go see and we’ve even got the opportunity to go and do DILO’s – day in the life of, week in the life of – if you fancy going to try something in a completely different department, you can do it, you know we’ve got that kind of opportunity there so it is one of these ones where you’re kind of behind your own development as well. You obviously get that guidance from your line managers but you’re also pushed to see what else you might be interested in and what else happens in the company so you’re not just pigeoned into that certain area, you can go try a bit of everything. So if you want a scheme that will develop you in more ways than you can imagine then it’s one of the better ones to go for.

A lot of my friends went into heavy engineering firms and they’re either just solely focused on the roads or solely focused on structures whereas every six months I’m going to be doing something completely different and it makes it a bit more exciting knowing that going into other graduate schemes it’s like ‘right, this is what I’m going to do for the next two years’, whereas I know, although some people might not like that sort of thing where you change because you’re just getting used to that job and then it’s like ‘right, I’m going to try something different’ but it gives you that opportunity to network, meet different people and find out more, as much as you can about the company.

Sean Anderson talks about his experiences on the Scottish Water Graduate Scheme