Q & A: Aberdeen FC Community Trust Talks Team Work and Taps

02 May 2019
Q&A with Aberdeen FC Community Trust

Celebrating Aberdeen's Top up Tap launch

Q&A with Aberdeen FC Community Trust

In March 2019 Scottish Water launched two exciting initiatives in the North East of Scotland as part of its Your Water Your Life campaign.

Aberdeen was the 8th community to welcome the addition of a high tech Top up Tap, enabling customers to top up with clear, fresh, great-tasting drinking water while on the go.

The launch of the state-of-the-art refill point also marked the start of a year-long partnership with Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust (AFCCT), a charitable organisation operating across the North East.

We caught up with AFCCT to find out more about the Trust and the partnership.

Q & A: Steven Sweeney, Community Operations Manager for AFCCT

Hi Steven, can you tell us about AFCCT and what the Trust aims to achieve?

 Absolutely.  The Trust was established in 2014 as the official partner charity to Aberdeen Football Club.

The club recognised its position and influence, especially within the North East, so there was a desire to establish a Trust to be the driving force behind projects, activity, programmes and partnerships that provide support and opportunity to change lives for the better in the community around us.

We work extensively with other organisations, groups and individuals within the community, to develop and deliver initiatives that help us move the needle in terms of lasting positive impact on those we engage with and people across the North East.

The partnership with Scottish Water provides a great opportunity to explore how we can combine our thinking to promote the values and positive messages we share.

What are the messages AFCCT and Scottish Water share?

One of the activity themes the Trust focusses on is health and well-being.  This aligns really well with Scottish Water’s Your Water Your Life campaign.

Hydration, if we think of the first team players, is essential to maximise performance. But beyond the players, for all of us in the community, hydration is important to ensure healthy brain function, as well as maintain good levels of energy and concentration.

Topping up from the tap is a great way to stay healthy and we're delighted to support a campaign that positively promotes the importance of both physical, and mental, health and well-being.

For us, this is a great opportunity to work alongside Scottish Water and play an active role in communicating these messages to the 20,000 people we engage with, young and old, from city centre to more rural communities, right across Aberdeen city and shire.

Have you used the Tap in town yet?

 I certainly have. It’s such a great asset to have access to free, fresh drinking water right in the city centre. It’s also a great way to encourage people to move away from single-use plastics and top up while out and about.

There was a real buzz at the launch of the tap in March. People were excited to have this new tap in their city and there was really positive feedback from passing shoppers and commuters.

Through AFCCT, we hope to help Scottish Water continue to reach out into the North East community in such a positive manner and continue to promote the tap and all the positive things it represents.

So what’s next for the Scottish Water and AFCCT partnership?

We've been exploring other ways we can work together over the coming year. I don’t want to give too much away just yet but we’re excited for the year to come.

What we want to do is help inspire people to love their water, to use it to keep hydrated and to take care of the environment that it comes from. Through our work, the Trust can help take that message to the heart of the north-east community.

Huge thanks to Steven Sweeney from AFCCT for taking the time to speak to us.

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Visit: AFCCT for more info.

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