A New Way for People to Engage on Community Issues Online

07 February 2018
A new way for people to engage on community issues online is being launched in Scotland today. 

ChatScotland is available on Facebook Messenger and aims to give people a quick and easy way to add their voice without having to attend a meeting or fill in a long survey. 

The first pilot of this approach in Scotland is being run in conjunction with the Water Industry Commission for Scotland, the Government of Scotland, the Customer Forum and Scottish Water. 

Residents of Scotland will be able to join the conversation, which takes around three minutes, via m.me/ChatScotland. They will be able to share their views on how water is used, compare their answers to others’ and leave any comments they might have on specific issues. 

All of the results are anonymised and then provided to stakeholders making decisions on water policy in Scotland. 

Every completion of the three minute conversation will also result in a donation being made to Toilet Twinning, a charity focusing on improving access to clean toilets in Malawi. 

Apptivism's co-founder, Alex Tupper said that this approach had worked well in a range of other topic areas such as education, health, taxation and with non-profits. It was exciting to launch in Scotland and to help residents engage with decision makers in an easy and responsive way. 

The Water Industry Commission of Scotland CEO, Alan Sutherland, said: “We are really happy to be engaging residents through this new approach. The more people who give their view the better we can collectively improve services.”