Next Generation Scottish Water JetVac Set to Boost Customer Response for the Western Isles

12 June 2018
Tankering teams help keep Scotland’s water flowing

New JetVac to Boost Efficiency

Scottish Water's new £250K HGV will be based in Stornoway to provide better service to the Western Isles.

Scottish Water has introduced a next generation, custom built high performance jetting and vacuum vehicle to improve its capacity to respond to waste water issues across the Western Isles.  
The new £250,000 HGV, which is based in Stornoway, means the islands now have a dedicated large capacity JetVac to resolve sewer blockages and to maintain waste water treatment works.  
A full sleeper cab allows drivers to attend incidents all over the islands at any time of day or night without having to worry about accommodation.  
In addition, the HGV has a number of health and safety features built in, such as an ultrasonic and camera vehicle safety system, a heated PPE locker and adaptive cruise control.  
Scott McColm, Vehicle Replacement Manager at Scottish Water, said: “This new vehicle allows us to react faster and more flexibly when responding to larger sewer blockage incidents on the Western Isles, with increases in both operational performance and capacity.  
“The vehicle has significantly improved jetting and vacuum capabilities which will mean we can tackle large, stubborn blockages more easily while also providing high quality in-vehicle sleeping and welfare facilities for our drivers in those instances when they could be far from home or working outside normal hours.”  
He added: “The health and safety features of the vehicle will also make it safer for our operatives and for other road users. For example, the 360 degree working lights allow our staff to light up an entire working area when there is no other light source available.  
“We also wanted a vehicle that was as compact as possible given the narrow, single-track nature of many roads on the Western Isles; and which used aluminium, stainless and galvanized steel components wherever possible to protect against corrosion. 
“This, combined with a complete underbody corrosion protection coating and full cab livery wrap, will help protect the vehicle for its life serving Scottish Water customers in the challenging island operating conditions.” 
Waste Water Operative, Hugh Murray, has been driving the new vehicle.  
He said: “It's a really impressive vehicle and has a lot of features which make my job easier. The bigger water tank means I don't have to refill as often when I'm out in rural areas and have more water to jet blockages. 
“It also has a manual gearbox, which gives me more control when I am maneuvering the vehicle in tight spaces. I've stayed the night in it a few times now and it was great.”