Scottish Water to Tackle Flooding in Gretna

13 March 2018
Flooding Generic View

Making Improvements

Gretna upgrade project will help prevent flooding like this example in the future.

Scottish Water is due to begin improvement works near an underpass on the A75 which has been regularly been affected by sewer flooding. 

The project to upgrade the sewer and increase its capacity aims to prevent the flooding which has affected pedestrians using the underpass which links Central Avenue to Glasgow Road near the railway station. 

Scott Fraser, Scottish Water’s corporate affairs regional manager, said: “We are pleased to be starting work and bring about a solution to the regular flooding of a vital underpass, which will remain open whilst we are working. 

“We would like to thank the local community and our stakeholders for their effort and patience in taking this project to fruition.  

“MacKenzie Construction Ltd is carrying out this project on our behalf and we will continue to keep the local community informed throughout its progress.”