Colin Luke, Senior Water Treatment Operator

07 April 2020
Scottish Water’s vital role is to look after your water supply and remove and clean the water you use. Employees throughout the organisation are performing key roles working round the clock to deliver our services to you.
Some will be working very visibly in your area. Others will be doing jobs which mean although they are vital to ensuring the quality of your water and protecting the environment, you won't see them out and about. To protect both public health and our employees we are following government guidelines on social distancing. 
Here, we turn the spotlight on one of the key roles helping to maintain networks and keep the water flowing:
Colin Luke

Meet Colin Luke

Colin performs a key role, working round the clock to deliver our services to you.

Colin Luke (40) is a Senior Water Treatment Operator in Orkney.

Colin and his colleagues operate the islands’ Water Treatment Works, which produce drinking water for distribution to customers’ homes 24 hours a day.

Colin says: “Since we are providing the public with a vital service, it is essential that we keep going. For me working to keep Orkney’s water flowing during the current situation isn’t so different to business as normal, just with a few important alterations.
“We have put precautionary measures in place to prevent contact with our fellow workmates. Hand sanitiser stations have been installed at all the treatment works on the islands which are to be used prior to entering the buildings. Shift rotation is in place to minimise contact with our fellow colleagues and a ‘single person to a single van’ policy is in place. 
“Working during these times is a bit more challenging than normal, though Scottish Water has been very supportive with the measures we have put in place to ensure that customer supplies can be maintained.

“As for everyone in the community, we are not having the contact we normally would with other people - our colleagues, contractors and customers. That is how it has to be, so that our work can continue safely – and so that everyone can continue to have the clear, fresh and great-tasting drinking water that they need on tap.”