Scottish Water Answers Scottish Ambulance Service Call for Help

19 May 2020

Helping hand

Scottish Water was able to help out the Scottish Ambulance Service by providing spare fitting kits for a vital piece of PPE.

Roles were reversed when Scottish Water recently answered a call for help from the Scottish Ambulance Service. 

The Ambulance Service urgently required spare parts to allow them to fit face masks for their paramedics in the north region due to the coronavirus pandemic and got in touch to see if Scottish Water could help supply the parts they required. 

A number of spare face fitting kits, which are usually used by Scottish Water’s employees who may have to deal with hazardous substances, were speedily dispatched by the organisation’s health and safety team, allowing the ambulance service to continue its face fitting tests. 

Will Martin, Health and Safety Surveillance Lead at Scottish Water, said: “We were delighted to be able to help the Scottish Ambulance Service with their request. As we now use an external company to fit face masks for those of our staff that need them, we had some old face fitting kits that we no longer use so it was no problem at all to get them sent off to where they were needed. 

“Paramedics carry out such a vital role, particularly at the moment, and this was a very small thing we could do to hopefully help make their job a little safer. We are all indebted to those in the health services and would like to thank them for everything they do.” 

Andrew Fuller, Head of Ambulance Service & North Region Tactical Commander, said: “On behalf of the Scottish Ambulance Service we would like to sincerely thank Scottish Water for supplying us with some parts to allow us to fit masks with valves during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“This was greatly appreciated and helped our Service carry on the face fitting tests in the north region. The support the Service is receiving has been overwhelming and we cannot thank everyone enough.”