Water Use Rises as Customers Asked to Be Efficient

02 June 2020

Water Saving Tips

We're asking customers to follow these tips to save water in and around the home.

“We saw an increase in usage that came close to the summer of 2018 when we saw record temperatures.”

Kes Juskowiak
National Water Operations Manager, Scottish Water

Warm dry weather saw customers use an additional 450 million litres of water over the weekend around their homes and gardens.

Scottish Water is reminding people to use only what they need in order to help maintain supplies across the country during the summer.

On an average day domestic water use totals 900 million litres. However, the warm weather led to a surge in use and on Saturday and Sunday Scottish Water had to distribute an additional 22 per cent -more than 200 million litres each day - each day into the system.

Kes Juskowiak, national water operations manager, said: “Storage level are good at the moment largely due to the wet winter. We have so far seen three major spikes in usage levels which coincide with good weather but the increase this weekend was double that of previous rises.

“There’s been a lack of any significant rainfall in many parts of the country over recent weeks, and coupled with the weekend’s high temperatures and the fact that more people are staying at home, we saw an increase in usage that came close to the summer of 2018 when we saw record temperatures.

“We’ve been putting the equivalent of 60 Olympic-sized pools-worth of water into the network to ensure customers are kept in supply.

“I would ask customers to carefully think about the water they use in and around the home, especially when it’s warm and dry, and to be more water efficient. There are some really simple steps that can be taken to do this and we can all play our part.”

Reservoir levels remain at 78 per cent full at present. The forecast is for slightly more unsettled and cooler weather conditions, which is expected to lead to a slight drop in usage levels.

There are many simple steps to using water efficiently around the home and garden.These include:

  • Taking shorter showers
  • Using a watering can not a hose to water plants
  • Using a bucket rather than a hose to wash vehicles
  • Using washing machines and dishwashers fully loaded
  • Only boil the kettle with the water you need

There are many benefits from using water efficiently, including reducing energy bills and our carbon emissions and so improving the environment.

To help customers use water efficiently, advice is available on our website below or call our customer helpline on 0800 0778778.

It is essential that people continue to follow Government advice regarding hand-washing during the Covid-19 pandemic.