Independent Regulator Says Water Quality Remains Very High

10 August 2020
DWQR Report 2019

DWQR Report 2019

“The greatest asset of any organisation is its people, and Scottish Water is no exception.”

Sue Petch
Drinking water quality in Scotland is extremely high, with 99.92% compliance against regulatory standards, according to the latest annual report from the country’s independent watchdog.

The Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland (DWQR) highlighted that customers can be confident in the safety of the public water supply anywhere in Scotland.

Douglas Millican, Scottish Water’s Chief Executive, said the Covid-19 pandemic had reinforced the importance of maintaining such high-quality drinking water for customers.

He said: “We recognise the importance that our drinking water plays in maintaining public health – during 2020 this has been reinforced as a result of the Covid19 pandemic.

“It is pleasing that our independent regulator has concluded that our water achieves an extremely high compliance rate in line with stringent standards.”

Mir Millican highlighted Scottish Water’s commitment to build resilience for the future to tackle the challenges of climate change.

He added: “We will invest even greater amounts in the future; building the reliability and resilience of our water supply systems to ensure they can produce water which our customers can rely upon.

“Investment in our assets and further building the skills and knowledge of our people will help us to provide high-quality water in the face of significant challenges resulting from the changing global climate and changes in water usage levels and demand.”

The DWQR report recognised the skills and expertise of Scottish Water’s people as it’s “greatest asset”.

Sue Petch, DWQR, said: “The greatest asset of any organisation is its people, and Scottish Water is no exception. I continue to be impressed by the expertise, diligence, and sheer desire to provide an excellent service shown by almost every Scottish Water staff member I meet.”