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15 December 2020

Performance and Prospects

Watch our video to see how we performed during 2019/20 and our plans for the future

Scottish Water delivered high quality drinking water and improved customer service in the financial year 2019/20, as set out in our Annual Report and Accounts published today. 

The report, called Performance and Prospects, outlines how we performed over the period including successes like our £673m investment programme and also some areas of learning.

It also looks forward at plans for the future that will ensure customers continue to receive excellent service and water quality and that we will protect the environment and public health.
Douglas Millican

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Scottish Water water testers

“Our service provides the foundation to daily life across the county to millions of people and we’re committed to providing high quality services at all times.”

Douglas Millican
Chief Executive, Scottish Water
Douglas Millican, Scottish Water Chief Executive, said: “Our service provides the foundation to daily life across the county to millions of people and we’re committed to providing high quality services at all times.

“For many reasons, the past year has been one of the most challenging periods of time any of us have experienced. The response to the Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of our service to the daily lives of millions of people and businesses during a public health emergency. Maintaining our water supplies and effective management of waste water has been a vital part of the public health response to the global pandemic.

“Simultaneously we have continued to see further impacts from the climate emergency and have taken steps to transform our activity to achieve net zero emissions - and go beyond that – over the next two decades.” 

He added: “We face enormous challenges in the future. Our rate of investment in assets and infrastructure needs to increase significantly so we can provide consistently excellent quality tap water in the face of climate change. Many of the sites and assets we operate are ageing and will need to be upgraded to cope with future demand.”

Every day Scottish Water delivers 1.4 billion litres of drinking water, and removes, treats and returns nearly 1 billion litres of waste water safely to the environment, serving 2.56 million households and more than 152,000 businesses premises.

Customer service levels remained high despite the challenges posed by changing weather patterns including rainfall events, and flooding incidents. Last year £673 million was invested in infrastructure and assets across the country, making Scottish Water one of Scotland’s biggest infrastructure investors.

Additional financial support is being provided to Business Steam, our wholly owned subsidiary operating in the non-domestic water markets, from Scottish Water as a result of the exceptional impact of the global pandemic on businesses and the economy. This will ensure the company’s ongoing viability in the short and longer-term and that non-domestic customers can continue to receive a high level of service. The support package will not adversely impact on household customers.

Annual Report & Accounts

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