Fife Eco-Warriors awarded for 3P Pledges

16 December 2020
Eco Warriors

Pupils from Kinghorn Primary School

Eco Warriors hold up their pledges

Young eco-warriors in Fife have pledged to protect the planet by tackling marine litter and helping keep the sewers flowing freely. 

Pupils have been awarded with special certificates after completing workshops on things they can do to help protect their local environment. The 160 pupils who took part also signed up to the Wild Planet Explorer's 3P Pledge - to not flush anything down the loo apart from pee, paper and poo.

The sessions build on Scottish Water’s Cycle Campaign, which highlights the damage that can happen to the sewer network when the wrong things are put down the drain. This includes increasing the risk of bursts, flooding and pollution. The utility is called to an average 96 bursts a day – with more than 80 per cent of these due to unflushables like wet wipes, cotton wool and sanitary products being put into the sewer network. 

Scottish Water teamed up with local environmental educator Wild Planet Explorers to deliver the free workshops to pupils at Kinghorn Primary School. The interactive sessions were delivered by conservationist Joanna McFarlane. She used colourful animal toys, music and games to bring her message to life to pupils in P1 - P4 and an engaging marine litter presentation for P5 - P7.

Joanna who lives in Charlestown, said; “I had a fantastic time with the children, sharing the stories of Orsom the Octopus, Cassius the Crab and Deepa the Dolphin and stories of marine litter around the world with them. 

“The children learnt how wildlife is being impacted by toilet related marine litter every day and learnt how they could help through the Wild Planet Explorer's 3P Pledge Champion Award.

“It was very clear the staff and children at Kinghorn Primary School are committed to caring for their local environment and the wildlife in it, so both Scottish Water and I are delighted to award them 3P Pledge Champion certificates and also give them their own Scottish Water reusable water bottle to help reduce single-use plastic bottles, one of the largest sources of marine plastic litter.”

The pupils also took part in local litter pick to help them further understand the link between their actions and their everyday lives and nature.

Headteacher Carol Wyse at Kinghorn Primary School said; “Our pupils have been enthused and motivated by Jo's delivery of how use of plastics impact our world and the animals in it and what we can do to help. This linked well with our Rights Respecting Work as we have been focusing on our Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment. 

“The pupil enjoyed creating their 3P Pledge and were keen for to take this home and campaign this message to our wider community. Our pupil group 'RESPECT' is now looking to work wider in our community on recycling, use of plastics and what can we do in Kinghorn.”

Scottish Water has worked with Wild Planet Explorers to help highlight its 3Ps message to more than 1,300 youngsters across  Fife and will be holding more workshops at school across the country.

Scott Fraser, Communities Manager at Scottish Water, said: “These fun educational sessions are a great way to teach youngsters what not to flush down the loo or put down drains to urge them to do their bit to protect the planet. We know the pupils enjoy the sessions and how they take this important environmental message out of school and remind their family and friends about the 3Ps message too.

“And by giving the youngsters one of our reusable metal bottles we hope they carry it about and encourage them to top up with tap water on the go to stay hydrated and help reduce need single use plastics.”