Scots Schoolchildren Get in the Know on H20

26 January 2021

Education Hubs

Watch our introductory video to our Primary School Hub

Scottish Water has launched two exciting new online education hubs to engage young learners with water.

With Scottish schools currently closed due to the latest Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, what better time to get children of all ages interactive with H2O?

The free digital learning experience offers a useful resource for parents, carers and teachers, as well as pupils across the country, who are looking for additional ways to support home learning.

Education hubs

Check out our new Primary and Secondary education hubs

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“Children often think that toilet waste goes straight into the sea, so this is a really helpful resource for both educators at schools and at home”

Jo McFarlane
Wild Planet Explorers
Scottish Water’s education hubs include a variety of activities suitable for primary and secondary school pupils to learn all about water through fun, interactive games and quizzes. Our very own water wizard ‘Droplet’ is on hand to show young people around.

This major digital resource is available to access and download via the Scottish Water website, and the content aligns with Science & Social Studies in the current Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. 

The education hubs have already been given the thumbs up by education pros, including “Jo McFarlane, from Wild Planet Explorers, who said: “It's great to see this new education resource from Scottish Water, covering the water cycle. Children often think that toilet waste goes straight into the sea, so this is a really helpful resource for both educators at schools and at home, as well as environmental educators to explain the process and the impact if we aren't careful what we flush. Look out too for Wild Planet Explorer's 3P Pledge Champion Award!” 

Subjects on the education hubs include learning about why water is so important to our bodies and our lives, what happens to water when we flush the toilet and how clean drinking water gets to our taps. You will find lesson plans, resource packs, games and links to a range of further activities to do either with the class or at home. Through learning about the Water Cycle, and how it’s affected by climate change, children will think about their skills, and how these could be used in a future career in engineering, communications and other vital STEM subjects.

Kath Archer, Senior People Consultant from Scottish Water, who helped develop the hub, said: "We believe these two new education hubs will provide an accessible and informative learning resource for our young people, inspiring the next generation to look after our water!”