Covid and Climate Key Challenges for Country's Public Water Services Supplier

23 September 2021
Douglas Millican

Douglas Millican

Douglas will host the meeting along with Dame Susan Rice

Customers are being offered the chance to hear first-hand how Scotland's public water and waste water services coped with the dual challenges of the pandemic and extreme weather events.

Members of the public attending Scottish Water's annual consultative meeting will learn how the organisation's key workers responded as part of the country's public health response to Covid.

Teams dealt with record levels of water use last year as weather patterns veered between low rainfall, flash floods and a deep winter freeze.
Operating the country's waste water management also helped public health experts to spot early warning signs of covid virus and respond effectively.

Scottish Water is holding its Annual Consultative Meeting next month and is urging customers to take part by submitting questions and logging on to watch the event, being held virtually for the second time.

The meeting will be hosted by Scottish Water Chair, Dame Susan Rice, and Chief Executive, Douglas Millican. Participants will have access to videos, photos and information highlighting the achievements and challenges the organisation faced in 2020/21.

Mr Millican said: “The Covid pandemic has meant our role in providing people with the clean and safe water and waste water services needed for good health and hygiene have never been more important.

“Interruptions to water supply, sewer flooding and our other day-to-day challenges had a heightened importance and urgency because of our responsibility to help people wash their hands and stay safe. These services can’t be taken for granted, the impact of climate change and ageing infrastructure on our services - essential to everyday life – are major issues we need to face and tackle.  

“I am pleased our performance throughout the year was strong despite experiencing some of our toughest ever circumstances

“Customers are at the heart of all we do and we invite them to watch our Annual Consultative Meeting and hear how and what we are doing and to share their views.”

Scottish Water serves 2.56 million households and 152,806 business premises, delivering 1.44 billion litres of fresh drinking water and removing and cleaning almost 983 million litres of waste water daily.

Customers can register to receive a unique login to view our ACM update online from Wednesday 6 October at  If you would like to ask our Senior Leadership Team a question, take a tour of our new platform and complete the form available no later than Wednesday 20 October.