Blairgowrie Continues to Bloom After Scottish Water Donation

24 May 2018
Blair In Bloom

Blair in Bloom Funds Boost

The cash windfall comes after Scottish Water’s Managed Delivery team recently carried out some sewer upgrade work along the riverside.

Blair in Bloom: Watch video
A group of green fingered residents in Blairgowrie have been given a cash boost to help keep their historic town ‘blooming’. 
Scottish Water and contractor Amey have donated £500 to ‘Blair in Bloom’, the local group in the town that helps keep the area such a picturesque place to live in, and for tourists to visit. 
The cash windfall comes after Scottish Water’s Managed Delivery team recently carried out some sewer upgrade work along the riverside. 
The work involved installing new manholes and pipework. 
Although the utility and contractor Amey ensured any disruption was kept to an absolute minimum Scottish Water and amey were keen to leave a positive legacy in the town following the work, and the £500 donation was a measure of thanks to the residents for their patience and understanding during the project. 
Speaking about how they would use the cash Mary Birch from ‘Blairgowrie and Rattray in Bloom’ said: “We’re delighted because we are a voluntary organisation and we rely totally on fundraising and donations so £500 for us is a massive, massive amount of money and will go a long way to helping us secure more planting for the year. It’s extremely good for us to have this.” 
Joanna Peebles, Managed Delivery Communications Manager at Scottish Water said: “It’s a great opportunity for Scottish Water to show the collaborative working we have done in Blairgowrie with our contractor Amey and ‘Blair in Bloom’. They are very active in this community and this is where people would like the money to be spent, to show Blairgowrie at its best.” 
David Kennedy, Project Manager at Amey said: “‘Blair in Bloom’ is a key event for Blairgowrie, where we have spent the last two months working on this Scottish Water project. 

“The Blairgowrie community has been very understanding during our essential work and throughout our project we have worked closely with the volunteers who make the town look as beautiful as it does. 

“This donation will help to ensure that local residents and visitors are able to enjoy the open spaces around the town. 
“Engaging with communities like Blairgowrie is vitally important to Scottish Water, both while delivering investment today and when deciding its priorities for the future.” 
Communities and customers throughout Scotland are currently being asked to help shape the future of water and waste water services in a nationwide consultation, which can be completed online at until 31st August 2018.