Switch to Water Bottle Refills to Reduce Plastic Rubbish, Scots Urged

25 January 2018
Switch to water bottle refills

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Scottish Water is exploring possible introduction of water refill points in public places.

Scots are being asked to make the switch to re-usable bottles filled with tap water to help tackle plastic waste in our communities. 

Scottish Water - which supplies 1.35 billion litres of fresh, high quality drinking water every day - has urged its five million customers to opt for the re-fill route rather than choose to drink water from plastic bottles which contribute significantly to harm in the environment. 

Today, Scotland’s national public water company is urging people to make the sensible choice to stay hydrated, reduce waste and save money. 

Water companies in England have announced plans to widen access to water bottle refilling points in towns and cities by 2021 and so reduce plastic waste. 

The Dunfermline-based utility - the fourth largest water and waste water company in the UK - is also exploring the possible introduction of water refilling points in public places and working with the food services industry to provide free water to customers who have their own bottle. 

Brian Lironi, Scottish Water’s Director of Corporate Affairs, said: “In Scotland, we’re fortunate the have the most loved tap water in the UK. We deliver more than a billion litres of fresh and clear drinking water around the clock every day to our customers. It’s readily available at tap - the re-fillable approach makes so much sense in terms of convenience, cost and sustainability. 

“We’re absolutely committed as an organisation to helping to maintain sustainable communities. Since the Blue Planet series and the issues it raised, we are all more acutely aware of the damage plastic is doing to the natural environment. 

“I urge all Scots to get their hands on a refillable water bottle, if they don’t already have one, and fill it from the tap at home, at work or wherever they can. 

“There’s no need for us to wait until 2021 to make the change, this is something we can all do today.” 

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said: “This is a great campaign and I encourage everyone to make the switch to reusable bottles whenever possible. 

“We all have a role to play in changing Scotland’s throwaway culture and we all stand to benefit - by protecting our environment and saving money too. 

“The Scottish Government is leading the UK in this area by introducing a deposit return scheme for drinks containers. 

“We also support the EU Commission’s vision to see all plastic packaging recyclable or reusable by 2030.”