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Darnley wildlife garden

A picturesque and tranquil new amenity in the Darnley area of south Glasgow, which was opened during one of the biggest Scottish Water projects in the country, will benefit the local community for years to come.

The Wildlife Wonder Garden was delivered by Scottish Water and its alliance partner Caledonia Water Alliance and includes a pond, grassland, flower beds, bird boxes and bug boxes.

The garden, nestled in a small corner of the Dams to Darnley Country Park, includes a large amount of recycled materials used by Scottish Water and CWA on the first phase of a major water mains project there.

Some of the flowerbeds include special ‘sensory’ sections and plants such as lavender, bamboo and ivy.

These will be of particular benefit to pupils at Hazelwood Primary School for children with sensory impairment in Dumbreck and pupils at Darnley Primary School’s visual impairment unit.

Pupils from these schools, and St Angela’s primary, will maintain flowerbeds that they have named and ‘adopted’.

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A short video of a Wildlife Garden delivered by Scottish Water and Caledonia Water Alliance as part of the Amlaird Bradan water mains project.