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Tunnelling team shift 90 tonnes of earth hand digging Edinburgh sewer

The century-old sewer under Haymarket Terrace was built by Victorian water pioneers in the capital but is now being upgraded to meet the city’s modern needs.

And while high-tech equipment is being used on the project, a challenging section required a more hands-on approach with the pair- Gerard Boyce and Thomas Peoples - using tools to literally dig their way through a 20-metre stretch.

Working over a two week period in a trench beneath Haymarket, one of the busiest transport hubs in the capital, the two men shovelled between 6 and 9 tonnes per day.

The busy junction outside Haymarket Station was hand tunnelled to avoid damaging a complex web of utility infrastructure such as electricity, gas, telephone lines and broadband.

Two tunnellers have helped Scottish Water progress a major new sewer beneath Edinburgh by hand digging 90 tonnes of debris.