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WaterAid Zambia Trip 2013

Film Transcript:

Text on screen: 

WaterAid has been working in Zambia for 20 years.

Last year, WaterAid helped 20,000 gain access to safe water and 40,000 access to improved sanitation.  

In July 2013, Peter Farrer joined WaterAid to see first hand the difference the charity can make.

But the need is still great…

4.7 million people in Zambia don’t have access to clean water.

Peter Farrer after carrying water from the well to the village:  

“To think that women are doing that two, four or eight times a day, it’s just incredible, I mean, I consider myself to be reasonably fit but that was absolutely horrendous.”

Text on screen:

5000 children die each year because of drinking dirty water.  

You can make a difference

All money raised in Scotland goes to projects in Southern Africa.

Your support of WaterAid saves lives.

Thank you.

Scottish Water joins the WaterAid Supporters' Trip to Zambia in the summer of July 2013. Watch Peter Farrer, Chief Operating Officer, carry water from a well into a village to experience first hand the work Zambian women carry out several times a day.