There are strict guidelines surrounding the physical connection to the Public Water Network. 

Find out who can make a connection and the process for a connection to be made.

Pressure Testing

Before any new main is connected to our existing network it has to undergo a successful pressure test. 

The purpose of pressure testing is primarily to identify the structural integrity of the pipework for any leakage, and also for verifying the performance of the new main or service laid for adoption and acceptability. 


Before any new main is connected to our existing network it must undergo successful disinfection and sampling. 

Prior to bringing any new main into service, a bacteriological sample must be taken, analysed by a UKAS accredited lab and approved by our Public Health Team. This is to ensure the water quality in our existing network is not compromised and there is no risk to our customers. 

Further information regarding Disinfection & Sampling and the applicable ‘Distribution Operation & Maintenance
Strategy’ (DOMS) procedures can be found via the links below.


Depending on the works being completed, the customer is required to notify Development Operations in advance of commencing works onsite. 

This must be done in accordance with the applicable timescales so arrangements can be made for a Scottish Water inspector to attend site and carry out an inspection. 

Our inspectors will ensure all works are being carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations required. 

For further details please contact Development Operations on 0800 389 0379 or email