Utility Connection Providers (UCPs) are suitably accredited and operating entities which may undertake certain metering activities in Scotland. 

Under the arrangements, participating Licensed Providers (LPs) may instruct UCPs to undertake certain metering activities. 

A participating LP is one that has signed an updated Wholesale Services Agreement (WSA) with Scottish Water. 

In addition to being accredited, UCPs must also have signed an agreement with Scottish Water before they are able to undertake activities under the scheme. 

UCPs will be able to carry out the following metering activities:

  • Installation of a meter as part of a new connection to a new non-household premise
  • Temporary disconnection and subsequent reconnection of a non-household premise
  • Installation of a non-household revenue meter at a previously unmetered supply point
  • Removal and exchange of non-household revenue meter
  • Removal and relocation of a non-household revenue meter at a non-household premise 

Do You Want to Become an Accredited UCP? 

Lloyd's Register manages accreditation on behalf of Scottish Water. Accreditation to the scheme must be obtained by applying for and obtaining accreditation under the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS). 

For further details on how to apply to join the scheme visit the Lloyd's Register website.