Nearly a quarter of open Deregistration cases are currently awaiting information or action from the Licensed Provider or Business End User. To improve the speed in which we can make a decision and increase the likelihood of the Deregistration request being approved, Licensed Providers can follow the advice below when making the initial application. 

Contact Details

Please provide up to date contact details in case Scottish Water needs to visit the premises.


Where possible, please provide as much evidence as possible for a Deregistration or service removal. This could include as-built plans, photographs, emails or letters.


Check to see if the SAA has been updated. This will also show a domestic entry, if applicable. If the SAA entry has been deleted, provide details of the other premise(s) it merged with.

Previous Requests

If the property was demolished, then the customer should have applied for a Permanent Disconnection in advance. Please provide the Case Number of any previous Permanent Disconnection application.