Do you find that some of your emails are not appearing in the portal? Getting confused about which request is being referred to in emails from Scottish Water?

A simple tip that will keep requests under the same case reference, increase accuracy of information and decrease the amount of time that you are waiting for responses; CRM Tokens.

Most email communication from Scottish Water will include a CRM Token in the subject line. It is “CRM:” followed by a nine digit number e.g. CRM:000000000.

When responding to Scottish Water, make sure you include the appropriate CRM token in the subject line of your email. By using the appropriate CRM token in the subject line of an email response to Scottish Water, you ensure that your email is attached to the appropriate case in Scottish Waters system.

No more emails getting misplaced and all the pertinent information is stored in one place allowing quicker reviews and decisions. You will also be able to review previous communications on the customer portal.

Remember: To keep the communication chain unbroken – use the correct CRM Token.