Following the Commission’s consultation conclusions issued on 21 May, Scottish Water has worked with the Commission and the CMA to develop updated guidance for the new deferral scheme (the 2021 Wholesale Charges Deferral Scheme). 

Please see below a guidance document setting out:

  • the application process
  • how deferrals will be applied in the Central Systems
  • the timetable
  • process for unwinding.

Please click here for the Guidance Document and accompanying summary slide pack.

A technical document provides further details on the format of submissions and the validation which will be applied by Scottish Water along with copies of the application templates. Please note that for routine vacancy changes, unrelated to the deferral scheme, LPs will also need to submit an application template (the BAU Vacancy Template) in order to obtain a validation code which will be needed to successfully process each transaction to the CMA.

Please click here for the Technical Document.

Scottish Water has also provided the below templates for applying to the scheme:

Please click here for the Declaration, a copy of which must be submitted with each batch of applications for deferral.

Two versions of a customer Undertaking (which must be provided to every customer for whom an application for deferral is submitted) and suggested covering letter explaining the deferral scheme and Undertaking are available below:

  • Please click here for the customer Undertaking and suggested covering letter where a customer has applied for deferral
  • Please click here for the customer Undertaking and suggested covering letter where an unmeasured customer has applied for removal of volumetric charges

The templates below are provided for deferral changes after customers have been accepted into the scheme:

  • Deferral % - Changes to the deferral percentage applied to SPID(s)
  • Customer Type - Changing the customer from a "Non-engaging Customer" to a "Deferring Customer"

If a customer wishes to exit the COVID Charges Deferral Scheme before the offical finish date, they are entitled to do so. Licensed Providers must inform Scottish Water by using this template.