The replacement of the Licensed Provider Notification System is now live.


In consultation with LPs, the key function they required from the LPNS was to easily access the relevant event data that impacted their customers. The new platform therefore focuses on providing data in a way which is easier for LPs to take into their own systems and processes.


As a result, LPs no longer need to log into a Portal to search for planned and unplanned events. Instead, APIs have been provided for LPs to consume the data into their own systems and CSV files are available for download from a SharePoint site. The APIs and CSVs provide all the relevant event details and also provide a list of impacted SPIDs for each event. There is the option to get all event details or LPs can choose to only consume/download events impacting their customers.


A guide to navigating the Sharepoint site and CSV files has been created to assist LPs in navigating the new system. 

An LP guide for connecting to the new LPNS has been created. This will provide the information required for LPs to successfully request the event data through APIs.


For further details on the replacement project, please contact your Account Manager.