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The story behind Always working so the cycle never stops

Chris Wallace (outside Castle House):
“Scottish Water receives around 40,000 callouts to chokes every year – our network gets blocked up with all sorts of things that shouldn’t be there which can result in sewer flooding and environmental pollution.

“For the first time we will be speaking to customers in every home in Scotland through a national campaign on TV and the radio which aims to raise awareness of the fact that what we flush down the toilet or pour down the sink can have a major impact on the water cycle. Out of sight certainly shouldn’t mean out of mind.”

Mike Will (at Dunfermline WWTW/ a PS):
“Every day we provide £1.3billion litres of clear, fresh drinking water and take away 840million litres of waste water which we treat before returning it to the environment. This is the service we provide for our customers and how they use this service has a massive impact on the environment and businesses. On a regular basis rags, sanitary items, and even nappies get stuck in the screens and macerators in our sewage treatment works. These interruptions, coupled with blockages further along the network, cost Scottish Water millions of pounds every year.”

Paul Severin (on site):
“Clearing chokes is what I do but when you see the kinds of things that are actually causing these blocks; cotton buds, sanitary items, nappies and fats and oils down the kitchen sink; it can be really frustrating. Hopefully this campaign will make it clear to everyone that a few simple changes in how they get rid of waste items can have a really positive effect. To put it simply; fewer chokes mean a reduction in the number of times Scottish Water is called out. This lowers the cost to Scottish Water which ultimately means less cost and inconvenience to customers. Fewer chokes also means a reduction in the number of sewage spills into the environment.”

Craig Alexander Hutchinson (garden):
“I was mortified to find out that all the problems we’ve had with the drains being blocked were basically down to what we were flushing down the toilet. If I’m honest we just didn’t realise that just because it flushes away doesn’t actually mean that’s the end of the process. This campaign is a great idea as it’s something that we can all do and ultimately it affects things like our water charges and the environment so we should care.”

Chris Wallace (outside Castle House):
“The adverts will compliment two pilot initiatives in Hamilton and Dunfermline where we will work with customers to raise awareness of what we do and how they can play their part. By raising awareness of how to correctly dispose of bathroom and food waste, we can all make some small changes that together will make a big difference.”

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