King's Inch Road Sewer Burst

Access Pit

The burst happened close to one of the access pits that will be used by the project team to reline the existing sewer.

A temporary bypass pipe is now diverting flows from a damaged section of our rising sewer main on King’s Inch Road in Renfrew, following another burst on Friday (June 7).

It happened close to a previous burst, a short distance along from Crofton Way where we are currently excavating an access pit for the ongoing major investment project to upgrade the existing sewer.

Work to complete the temporary bypass - which is being installed as part of the first phase of the upgrade project - was accelerated over the weekend, as this was quicker than excavating down to the damaged section of pipe. Flows were successfully diverted by Saturday evening (June 8).

Customers were kept informed while these measures were being put in place and we would like to thank road users and residents for their continued patience and understanding while work continues on the wider project to reline the existing pipe.

King's Inch Road Sewer Burst

The temporary pipeline is now connected to the existing sewer

King's Inch Road Sewer Burst

The temporary pipeline will carry flows while the sewer is relined