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Project Overview

Scottish Water is carrying out essential upgrades to a waste water pipe which runs under The River Goil, just near to Lochgoilhead Community Garden. 

Over time, materials which were put in place to protect the  pipe have become weathered and must be replaced to help prevent any negative impact on the River Goil and the local environment. 

Work begins on Monday 14 August and is scheduled to take around six weeks for completion. 

At a Glance 

  • Sewer upgrade project
  • Protecting the local environment 
  • Duration - around 6 weeks
  • Delivered by George Leslie Ltd 


The River Goil

The River Goil

Mitigation measures will be in place to ensure we protect the water and the wildlife as we work in the river.

What We Are Doing

We are strengthening protection measures which are in place around a waste water pipe which runs under the River Goil.

All works within the river have been designed in consultation with external environmental agencies to ensure we protect the water and the wildlife as we work.

Our main contractors George Leslie Ltd will carry out the works on behalf of Scottish Water.


Why We Are Doing It 

Protective measures around the pipe have become weathered over time.

These essential works will help improve the resilience of the waste water infrastructure in this area and also protect the river environment. 

The River Goil

The waste water pipe runs under The River Goil.


Our site compound will be established near to the local community garden.

Latest Update

We have been liaising with Lochgoil Community Trust and the chair of the local community garden where a site compound will be established. We have sought all necessary permissions to carry out the improvement works and we will continue to liaise with those organisations and the local community as the works unfold. We are also aware that a small café operates near the land where we will be working, and we are doing all we can to work with them to minimise any impact on their operations. 
While our works will not affect public access to the community garden or the café, local residents and business owners will notice an increase in works traffic while our works are under way. It’s also important to confirm that there is no requirement for any road traffic management to be put in place.