Roughrigg Reservoir in North Lanarkshire is over 170 years old and has not been used as a source of drinking water since 1980.

Situated east of Airdrie and Coatbridge, with an embankment dam at the western end, the reservoir covers around 137 acres of land.

Scotland’s reservoirs are regulated under the Reservoirs (Scotland) Act 2011 and Scottish Water must now make a decision on its future.
Rougrigg Reservoir in North Lanarkshire

Have Your Say

Scottish Water is asking customers to have their say on the future of the disused reservoir.

Roughrigg is a high-risk Category A reservoir which means if the dam were to fail there is a significant potential risk to people and property downstream.

Our reservoirs undergo a detailed inspection every 10 years and, in 2016, this identified Roughrigg required significant work in the interests of safety under new guidance published in 2017. This work must be carried out by 2022.


We are currently looking at options for the future of this disused asset and these include:

  • Significant works to bring it up to current required standards and whole life maintenance
  • Draining the reservoir and making a cut in the dam to an outlet channel to remove the risk of a dam failure and impact to people and properties downstream.

Keeping and maintaining the reservoir does not take into consideration any future changes to guidance or legislation, which may incur further unknown costs.

Although the site has no formal paths or boats/canoes on the water itself, the reservoir serves an active local angling club, whose members have leased the asset for fishing for a number of years.

Draining the reservoir removes the risk of dam failure and a small body of water would be retained to manage high flows in a flood event. All measures to protect the local environment and wildlife will be taken, including a fish rescue operation.

Green Environment

It also provides an opportunity to plant native Scottish woodland within the reservoir basin. This would help offset greenhouse gas emissions and supporting Scottish Water’s and Scotland’s net zero ambitions.

A woodland area could create a new green space to explore, and a haven for nature, benefitting the wider local communities.

Under the Outdoor Access Code, the area will maintain the same level of access, regardless of what course of action is taken.

Have Your Say

Scottish Water is committed to putting customers at the heart of everything we do. We are now looking to engage with local communities in the area to gather their views on the long-term future of Roughrigg Reservoir.

We are encouraging people from all walks of life who have an interest in this Scottish Water asset to take part in our short survey.

This online survey will be open for approximately six weeks, until midnight 22 March 2021, and can be completed on the link on this page.

Paper copies can also be made available on request by emailing the project team via CorporateAffairsWestTeam@scottishwater.co.uk or by calling 0800 0778 778.
Scottish Water will review customer feedback and take this into consideration when making any final decision on Roughrigg as soon as possible thereafter.

Roughrigg: Customer Survey

Your views are important to us. Take our short customer survey via the link below, and have your say on the future of this disused Scottish Water asset.

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