Scottish Water is advising road users in Sanquhar of upcoming road works to upgrade the water network.   

Over 1.4million will be invested in replacing sections of water main which have reached the end of their serviceable life. The new pipes will reduce the risk of unplanned interruptions to customers water services and ensure the continued supply of clear fresh drinking water.  

The work is set to begin Monday 10th of July for approximately 24 weeks.

The project will be delivered by George Leslie and they will be replacing the water mains in phases, on a rolling programme to minimise disruption. We will require roads to be closed in order for us to work safely. During these road closures, no vehicle access will be permitted. However, footpaths and pedestrian access to your property will be maintained. The site team will liaise with local council to facilitate waste collection services as normal. 

 map of phases

Illustration of the road closures in Sanquhar 

This map shows the phases of road closure, which will be completed on a rolling programme 

  • Phase one will take place between 10th July - 25th Aug and a road closure will be in place on West Lochan
  • Phase two will take place between 17th July - 8th Sept and a road closure will be in place on South Lochan
  • Phase three will take place between 31st July - 20th Oct and a road closure will be in place on Queens Road
  • Phase four will take place between 4th Sept - 17th Nov and a road closure will be in place on Queen’s Crescent
  • Phase five will take place between 2nd Oct - 22nd Dec and a road closure will be in place on Euchan Street and Lovedale
  • Phase six will take place between 9th Oct - 8th Dec and a road closure will be in place on Deer Park Avenue
  • Phase seven will take place between 30th Oct - 22nd Dec and a road closure will be in place on Waugh Drive

Above dates are estimated and are subject to change. All traffic management has been agreed with Dumfries and Galloway Council. 

There will be a requirement to temporarily turn off customers water for short durations during the work, but all households and businesses affected will be given advance warning of this and advice as to how best to be prepared in advance.

We would like to thank residents, road users and customers for their patience and understanding.