Kings Inch Road Sewer Burst

Ready for Relining

The valve arrangement that will play a major part in the relining project of the existing sewer has now been reinstalled following the burst

We have completed repairs following a burst on our rising sewer main on King’s Inch Road in Renfrew at the corner of Crofton Way.

A large valve arrangement which is part of the investment project infrastructure has been refitted and the sewer is now operating as normal.

We very much appreciate the support and patience of customers and stakeholders while we have been working to complete this emergency repair. 

The progress of our long-term investment project in the coming weeks should significantly reduce the risk of bursts occurring by bypassing this section of the sewer network until long-term work has taken place to re-line and strengthen the pipe.


Patches are prepared before being carefully positioned in place inside the pipe

Each patch liner is carefully prepared before being used

Kings Inch Road Sewer Repair

A camera was sent along the pipe to assess the damage