Essential Upgrades - Gateside Water Pumping Station

We have undertaken essential maintenance works at a water pumping station in Gateside, Beith, North Ayrshire to ensure resilience of supply for customers. 

From mid-February to around mid-September, the pumping station was temporarily taken out of service to ensure these upgrades could be undertaken safely and successfully.

As a result, customers in Barmill, Gateside and a few properties in Burnhouse were at times supplied with water which had been chloraminated rather than their usual chlorinated supply. 

What do I need to do? 

Now that the essential upgrades have been carried out at Gateside pumping station, everything is back to normal and you will once again receive chlorinated water. There is nothing you need to do as the switch happens automatically. Switching back to chlorinated water will have no impact on aquatic pets. 

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding while these essential upgrades were carried out.