Project Completion

We have succesfully completed our project, taking care of the water services in and around Kemnay, Aberdeenshire by installing a new water main from Blairdaff to Kemnay. By upgrading these water pipes, we are ensuring the community continues to enjoy clear, fresh drinking water, and have reduced the chance of pipes bursting.

The project was delivered successfully by Caledonia Water Alliance on behalf of Scottish Water. 


Information event

An information event was held at Kemnay Village Hall on Thursday 1st June. This was a great chance for the community to speak with our team before the project started, also getting to look through our notice boards detailing the work, and asking questions.

These noticeboards are now shown at the bottom of this web page.

Thanks again to everyone who attended our information event!

Kenmay information slides

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Kemnay Information Event Boards

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